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Welcome to Shadow Puppet Theatre

We design, build, and create shows with all kinds of puppets...

…and our focus is stories: Old stories, new stories, and stories that have never been heard before.  We use shadow puppets, hand puppets, and rod puppets to explore the stories we tell and to discover different ways to tell them. Most of the puppets we use in our productions are built by us, but we often collaborate with other artists on our projects.

We have several shows for young audiences (ages 5-12)  that have been presented at museums, galleries, libraries, and other spaces all over Ontario. We also lead shadow puppet making workshops for kids ages 5+. If you’d like one of our shows or workshops to come to your community, you can look at what we have to offer and contact us for more information. We’d love to share our stories with you!

Every year or two , we also create a longer, larger show that tells a bigger story. These shows are often for older audiences, but not always. We’ve presented Macbeth with shadow puppets, a German-English hybrid of Faust, and the children’s show,  Balancing on Moonbeams. Right now, we’re working on our newest big show. It’s called the The Flood Project and it will be presented at IMPACT 17 International Theatre Festival in the fall of 2017. The show will be part IMPACT’s Theatre for Young Audiences.

The company has been a labour of love since we started,  and we are still growing. Take a look around our site to learn more about us and to see what we’re up to

Recent News.

Flood Project Puppet - The Wave Master

The Flood Project

Sounds Like » News Puppets say » ,

IMPACT 17 International Theatre Festival is coming to Kitchener this fall and Shadow Puppet Theatre is developing a brand new show for the occasion.

We start creation on The Flood Project at the end of June,  and we are delighted that Pam Patel from the MT Space theatre company will be joining us as our director. We’re really excited to work with her on creating this new story.  For now, we hope you enjoy our picture of  The Master of The Waves,  one of the characters we are working on for the show.

He’s still a prototype, but we think he has a lot of potential!

Shadow Puppet Theatre is at Latitudes on July 12…

Sounds Like » News Puppets say »

We’ll be building shadow puppets and using them to tell the story of an old puppet master who wishes his puppets were real actors…

Join us at 1:30 P.M. in Victoria Park.