Puppetry Intensive with Frank Meschkuleit

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Frank Meschkuleit has been a puppeteer, special effects manipulator and voice over artist for over 36 years. Credits include “Fraggle Rock”, “Bride of Chuckie”, “Toopy and Binoo”, “Aliens Vs Predator 2”, “the Santa Clause” and many, many more! Join Frank for a One Day puppetry intensive where secrets learned over many years will be shared, and each student … Read More »

We’re Going to New York!

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We’re going to New York this weekend and I am THRILLED. I plan to take lots of picture and collect lots of notes to write a post about the experience, but for right now, I have show to rehearse (and also a puppet to solder back together, but that’s another story)

The Flood Project

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Flood Project Puppet - The Wave Master

IMPACT 17 International Theatre Festival is coming to Kitchener this fall and Shadow Puppet Theatre is developing a brand new show for the occasion. We start creation on The Flood Project at the end of June,  and we are delighted that Pam Patel from the MT Space theatre company will be joining us as our … Read More »

Family Literacy Day

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Little Red Riding Hood

We’ll be performing Red Riding Hood this Sunday as part of Family Literacy Day…