The Adventures of Widget – Coming Soon!





The world is made of concrete, the sun is made of tar, and Widget is a lonely robot with no one to talk to. One day while sitting on a rock underneath a girder, Widget hears a strange sound. After investigating (and nearly breaking some circuits falling into a hole), Widget discovers Flower trying desperately to grow out of the hard earth. A smitten Widget pulls a lever and changes the sun from a cold square of tar to a warm ball of fire. Flower grows tall and Widget finally has a friend.

But, now that the sun has changed, Widget’s whole world alters: Bee appears and threatens to steal flowers affections, Wind almost blows them all away, Rain drenches them, and Snow threatens to bury Widget's new friend for good.

It’s robot against nature set to the sounds of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons (specially arranged for puppets of course!)

Length: 25-35 minutes
Ages: All Ages
Format: Live Streaming. In person shows where local health guidelines allow.

To book contact us at hello@puppetsandshadows.com