Shows that Shadow Puppet Theatre has created – from funky fairy tales, to adapted Shakespearean classics, to originals we made up ourselves.

The Adventures of Widgit

Poor bumbling, blustering Widigit! He’s not quite at home in his mechanical world with nothing left to explore, until one day he stumbles accross something new. A tiny little speciman that seems to have grown out of the ground (nothing is his world has ever done that before!) and now he must help take care … Read More »

The Moon Snatchers

A shadow puppet tale about the woman who invents the moon and the band of snatchers who steal it.   Set in the world of paper in shadow were not everything has been cut out yet, Emilie, the greatest inventor, invents the moon. She wants to put it high up in the sky so that it … Read More »

The Fairy Tales: Rumpelstiltskin, Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel

Little Red Riding Hood

The Amazing Adventures of Little Red Riding Hood, The Terrifying Tale of Bluebeard, and The Thrilling Tale of Rapunzel all updated with new endings in which the heroines save themselves! Narrated by Madam Frog with the assistance of her stage manager, the adorable Mr. Bun-Bun. Book one of these charming tales, or all of them together. … Read More »