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Special Thanks

Shadow Puppet Theatre would like to thank:

  • Doug & Zelda Thomas — For their emotional and financial support and for providing accommodations and transportation for both of Shadow Puppet Theatre’s co-producers
  • Larry & Louise Kelly — For their emotional and financial support and for providing accommodations for the entire human cast of Shadow Puppet Theatre
  • Marilyn Scott — For her advice and support and for her assistance in casting and developing Shadow Puppet Theatre’s Macbeth. Also, for generally rescuing Shadow Puppet Theatre’s human and Puppet casts from various potential and real disasters that could have or did occur during the process of creating this production company
  • Dave Scott — For taking endless messages for Marilyn and for his support
  • Kenny Kelly — For his electrical expertise
  • Hannalore Mueller — for creating curriculum material for Faust
  • David John — For collaborating with us on Faust
  • Alexandra Zimmermann — For collaborating with us on Faust
  • Rilla Bakker — for supplying SPT with puppet building materials
  • Iris & Lew Brindley — For providing the human and puppet casts and their large quantity of equipment with transportation to and from our Ottawa location
  • Jen Mattice — For her assistance with Shadow Puppet Theatre’s website
  • MT Space — For their support and for the rehearsal space
  • Gord Davis — For his assistance in casting the human actors
  • Betty-Ann Colquhoun — For her assistance in providing accommodations for Shadow Puppet Theatre’s producers and for tutoring Arlene in German
  • Cannamore Orchard — for all their financial assistance and moral support
  • Dan Prebble — For his assistance with our website
  • Nicholas Cumming — for creating our new website